The Valerie Song

       The original version by the Zutons of the Valerie song

Let me start by saying it has been an exciting ride…Years ago I met a boy. But isn’t that the way all great stories begin. I’m lucky enough to be able to say I have a song that was made about me… Fu*%ing rocks…  (XOXOXO Dave)

It all started one fateful evening in Tampa Florida. While out one night with a friend to see a concert, I was surprised to hear something amazing. As Dave McCabe came off stage, I stopped him and asked him to have a drink with me. This one moment turned into years in the making. Dave wrote the song called “Valerie,” and it’s all about me. Kinda crazy in a good way.

Not just any song but one that got bigger then any of us could have imagined. By 2008, the single had sold 491,890 copies in the UK, and spent 36 consecutive weeks on the Official UK Singles Chart…

To see the full bio and all that jazz on Wikipedia go here…Wiki Page “Valerie Song”

If you’ve heard of Amy Winehouse & Mark Ronson. Then I am sure you have heard the Valerie Song. Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson did the notorious remixed version of the song “Valerie” (by The Zutons) and if you ever wanted to know who Valerie is? Well, NOW you do… Me

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