Water Colored Nails

Water Colored Nails


These nails are easy to create and honestly take no real technique or skill set.

What you will need
• 1 nail art brush (Flat Head)
• Nail Polish Remover
• 1 egg shell or white nail polish
• 3-4 different shades of blue nail polish
• 1-2 different shades of purple
• Base coat of nail polish
• Clear top coat of nail polish
• Paper towel
• Q-Tip

IMAGE-2- Untitled

Start by applying your base coat. I like Zoya’s Ridge Filler Base Coat. This base has a slight milky hue that helps the polish color pop and it evens out the texture of your nails.


Always allow 5-10 minutes between each coat of polish that is applied for it to completely dry.

Once the base coat is dry, apply two coats of the white polish and one coat of a clear topcoat.



Now that the nails have the base color and have dried, it’s time to create the watercolor effect.


Pick out 3-4 different shades of blue polish and 1-2 deeper shades of purple polish. I used Zoya Nail Polish. For the base color I used Jacqueline, the 4 shades of blue were Blu, Rocky, Breezi, & Song and the purple color was Pinta.5

Start with the lightest color first; make 1 smeared dot on each nail varying where each spot is per nail. Once you have one hand done, take the flat head brush and dip it into the nail polish remover. With the damp brush lightly dab it onto the smear of polish. Dabbing it lightly until you see the color dissipate and blur out. Between each nail dip the brush into the polish remover and wipe clean of any extra polish before moving on to the next nail.




Repeat this step by gradually increasing the shades from lights to darkest color polish.

Once you have finished all the colors and you are happy with your look apply a top coat to  shine and durability to your new creation.

Remember that these nails are creative so don’t take it too seriously. Experiment on the color combos that you use and have fun rocking your fashion forward nail art.