“Valerie Must Know Songs & Bands”

If you ever wanted to know what music makes me smile, makes me move, makes my life… Well I’ve put together a list just for you!

Air – (sexy boy)
Andrew Bird – (nervous tic motion, three white horses
Animal collective – (my girls)
Beirut – (elephant gun)
bibio – ( lovers carvings)
black keys (never give you up, everlasting light)
broken bells -(float)
Camera obscure (sweetest thing)
cold war kids (audience of one)
the coral (wildfire)
the dodos (gloria)
delta spirit (people c’mon)
devendra banhart – ( we all know, I remember)
the drums (lets go surfing, down by the water)
elliot and the ghost—-this is a local band that I did
funeral party (carwars)
friendly fires ( ex-lover)
Fleet foxes – (mykonos)
first aid kit (lion roar)
four tet (glue of world)
gang gang dance
grizzly bear (he hit me)
junior boys (in the morning)
K’naan (take a minute)
the kills (future starts slow, good night bad morning)
the knife (heartbeats, pass this on)
lower dens (two cocks)
M.ward (sad sad song)
margot & the nuclear so and so’s
mason jennings (where the sun had been)
mayer hawthorne (one track mind)
MSREKRFT (easy love)
neon indians (deadbeat summer)
neon trees (animals)
of montreal ( coquet coquette)
okkervil river (a glow)
the radio dept (heavens on fire)
rain machine (leave the lights on)
shwayze (dirty little girl)
the streets(on the edge of a cliff)
tv on the radio (staring at the sun)
two door cinema club (what you know)
vhs or beta (the ocean)
the walkmen (all hands and the cook)
the virgins (teen lovers)
the xx ( shelter, basic space)