Photo Shoot with Andrea Powell from the movie Twilight

andrea powell-4

I had a great time with Andrea Powell‘s photo shoot. Her looks ranged from fitness/workout to the most stunning evening gowns and everything in between. It is always great working with a beauty that has such range and diversity in her looks.

You may know Andrea from some of her many roles like Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part IIRunaway JuryEmpire RecordsThe Gates and One Tree Hill to name a few from her long list of stellar work.  Andrea’s newest move Ender’s Game is an action adventure and will be out in theaters November 1st staring Harrison Ford and Abigail Breslin. This film is set 70 years after a horrific alien war, an unusually gifted child is sent to an advanced military school in space to prepare for a future invasion.

Not only is Andrea an amazing actor but she is also a competitive athlete that finds time to run marathons in her free time.

When Caravan is glamming up our talent we use the best of the best and our clients love the end result. All the hair products used are from Salon Grafix, the hot tools are by Babyliss Pro, makeup is by POP Beauty, skincare by DDF, and nail polish by Zoya.

Since we wanted to show the many sides of Andrea the photo shoot started off with fitness. For this look we of course wanted to keep everything to the bare minimum in regards to makeup, hair and nails. On Andrea’s nails we painted a lovely natural nude shade called Naomi that would work for the entire shoot. Hair was styled into a sleek ponytail and with a little styling cream to end any flyaways, keep the hair moveable with a natural look and feel. For Andrea’s face it didn’t take much for this natural look  a little spf moisturizer and spf eyecream since some of the shots were going to be outside and a touch of mascara this was all she needed to get the shoot started.

Andrea is wearing a fantastic pair of New Balance Sneakers  and a full New Balance outfit to match – that are perfect for working out and running.


On the second look we went with a sleek style for the hair. First using ReStyler to protect the hair from heat damage from styling tools and then using a Babyliss Pro flat iron to straighten it. To finish off the hair style by adding a bit of Glossing Hair Spray to give her hair shine and hold.  For the makeup on this look we went a little dramatic by pumped up the eyes with shades of grey, black and bronze. The lashes we went all out on giving her a few layers of mascara and adding some individual lashes to give it that extra pop of drama. All the look needed now was a hint of peachy bronze on the cheeks and a lush berry lip to get this beauty ready for the amazing outfit.

This amazing red dress is by ALI RO,  shoes are from HSN

andrea powell

To mix up the look we pulled Andrea’s hair into a deconstructed bun. This hair style is easy, quick and anyone one can do to easily change up their look. We applied a little bit of  mousse to add a movable hold and give a little extra texture to the hair. Taking the front section of the hair where the natural bang area is and leave that for a moment while you gather the remainder of the hair into a ponytail. With the hair from the ponytail start taking small sections and twist the hair a little and pin it in all directions around the base of the ponytail. Take the front section and from the back part near the root do a little back combing. Comb the front of the bang area to smooth out the outer layer and bring it back to the pinned hair allowing it to still have a little volume and lift for the front of the face. Pin this into the others and once the hair is just the way you want give it a good spray of  Salon Grafix Freezing Hair Spray to assure an all night hold.

Blue patterned shirt by Marni, a perfectly fitted pair of shorts by Dana Maxx, chunky shoes by Mia and ring by Kira Kira

andrea powell

Stunning black cocktail dress by Nicole Miller shoes from HSN and ring by Kira Kira

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Photos by King