This was something new: I was invited recently to check out the exclusive Caravan Styling Studio, which is discreetly tucked away on the 2nd floor of the luxurious Carlton Hotel.

Some of Caravan’s beauty sponsors: Salon Grafix, Pop Cosmetics, Babyliss Pro, and Zoya

Their services are mainly reserved for celebrities, musicians, editors, and bloggers (hi!) to come together with designers and photographers to be styled and made up for events and special red carpet appearances. I went last week just to see what they were about and when I met Valerie Star, she asked me if I wanted my nails done.

This is when I had to reveal my biggest beauty blogger faux pas: my nails are entirely neglected. Since I joined a basketball league a few months ago, I have to cut my nails so often because they keep breaking during my games. As a result, they’re down to being little stubs that I rarely paint. Somehow, this didn’t deter Valerie (who also happens to be a painter).

She said she wanted to do a fun spackle design: “I call these party brunch nails.” After seeing her own creation, which we decided to name “Burton-chic,” I knew she’d be the best one for the job.Burton-chic
Tim Burton-chic. She changes up her own nails with intricate designs twice a week!

She promised they’d last til my next bball game so I let her paint away. This is one of those designs that I think would be easy to replicate at home. Here’s how she achieved my nail art design above.

Zoya polishes used for this look: Robyn, Goldie, Ginger, Apple, and Mira

Step 1: Paint base of nails with Zoya nail polish in Robyn

Step 2: Rip a makeup sponge and use one of the jagged edges to dip into the next color, Zoya’s Goldie. Dab over the blue polish sparingly.Step-2-goldie-1Step-2-goldie-3

Step 3: Repeat with a clean edge, this time dipping in Zoya’s Ginger.Step-3-

Repeat the same steps with Apple, and Mira to make even the most stubby chipped nails look a lot more decent:

The best part about a design like this is you can have fun with colors and try a bunch of different combos for a completely different look. Have fun!

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