Cast of Netflix show Orange is the New Black Halloween Transformations

Talk about a super fun project to be a part of… This was by far one of my favorite makeups to do. On an everyday basis I’m always making beautiful women even more glamorous. And as much as I love this, it’s always fun to mix things up a bit. oitnb orgalysia - selenisorg oitnb

Netflix reached out to a few cast members of the hit show Orange is the New Black asking them to dress up for Halloween as a different character from the show.

transform alysia

Our first transformation was Alysia Reiner (Natalie Figueroa) where we turned Alysia into the character Lorna Morello. This was an easy transformation we started off by creating a faux bob hairstyle. By first adding some large waves with an IKONIC 1.5inch wand. In the front of the hair we curled the hair in sections rolling the curls in a downward direction from the parts. We prepped the hair with SEXY HAIR products 450 Headset and Get Layered. Once the hair was curled each curl was pinned in place to allow the longest amount of time for the curls to cool and set. When the hair was set we took a boars hair brush to brush our the formed curls, creating a beautiful S shaped wave to the hair. We then rolled the lower longer sections of her hair and pinned them to the nape of the neck. This created the faux bob vintage waved hairstyle. A few extra applications of Get Layered to secure the style and her hair was done.

For Alysia’s makeup this was simple, especially since the inmates don’t really wear much in the way of makeup. We always prep the skin prior to any makeup application with SIMPLE SKIN CARE with Cleansing Facial Wipes and the Replenishing Moisturizer This was easy when using the amazing quality of Kryolan Professional Makeup any look can be achieved. All we needed to do was powder her down with Dual Finish Powder to lessen some of Alysia’s natural golden bronzed tones and mimic the more fair skin that Morello has. We tweaked her eyebrow shape with the Brow Palette  and added a bold red lip with Lip Stain in Rock.

selenis layva - transformation

Now the craziest transformation of them all would be taking Selenis Leyva (Gloria Mendoza) and turning her into Galina ‘Red’ Reznikov. And the best part is that their characters are rivals in the show. We started off by first prepping her skin with SIMPLE SKIN CARE Radiance Facial Wipes and Ultra Light Gel Moisturizer before applying the makeup. We used KRYOLAN PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP to create this transformation, by first taking down Selenis’s natural tanned skin tone with an HD Micro Foundation in a few shades lighter than she really is. Her eyebrows needed to be reshaped and colored in a red shade with the Brow Palette and to get those great red lips we used Lip Stain in Rock.

For Selenis’s hair we had to use a temporary red hair chalk to get that iconic red color. We then used SEXY HAIR products Spray Clay Spray & Play Hairspray, and Smooth & Seal to add shine. With a few touches from a SEXY HAIR Flat Iron we straightened the front of her hair to give it that volume that it needed to mimic Red’s hairstyle.