Olive Oyl and Valerie Sit down for a one on one.

Olive Oyl

This week, I sat down with the delightful Valerie Star, who is a makeup artist extraordinaire. We met during Fashion Week at Caravan Stylist Studio, located in the Carlton hotel in New York City. She is like a magician with her mascara wand, so I naturally had to ask her for the 411 on beauty! I took plenty of notes because Ms. Star had plenty of sage advice to give. I’ll be sharing all her best tips in the weeks to come, so please stop by and feel free to post any questions you may have for her in the Comments section.

Olive: Valerie, thank you for taking the time to school me on the “art of beauty.” I promise to be a diligent student! Let’s begin with hair, shall we? What hairstyles would you recommend for someone with a round face and prominent nose like, oh say, mine? Hee, hee.

Valerie: Long hair is gorgeous on round faces because it lengthens the face. Olive, since you have a round face, your best cuts will fall a few inches below your chin and longer. Also, keep in mind that long side-swept bangs create angles on a round face. Gentle waves also deflect the roundness of a face. And, long sexy layered hair with big beachhead waves and a side loose bun are also good options for you.

Olive: How would you make my eyes “pop”?

Valerie: I’m feeling a sexy bedroom eye for you, Olive. Go with a sultry smoky eye. The eye shadow can be tweaked depending on day or night and what you are wearing. I would also recommend:

■ Always use a liner and focus on the upper lash line, more so than the bottom lash line.
■ Mascara is a daily must have for every woman.
■ For night, I recommend colors of greys, dark blues or deep bronze.
■ For day, I suggest lighting it up with shades of pinks, peaches or using the same color families for night just applying it lighter. Something like this:

Olive: Is it true the song, “Valerie,” by Amy Winehouse is about you?

Valerie: Yep!

Olive: Impressive, my dear! OK, back to business. What would you say is my strongest feature? What should I play up or conceal?

Valerie: You are known for your romantic side, so I would play up your eyes and lips. This will draw your attention to those areas of your face while slightly down playing your distinct nose. I would also do contouring to your cheeks and nose with contour colors in concealers and powders. Since your face is very round, the contouring will help give definition to your facial features. Your lips would look smashing with a brilliant red color, or with corals and pinks.

Olive: Eyes and lips…got it! These suggestions are all within the realm of possibility for a busy girl like me. Okay, it is moment of truth time! If you were to give me a one-on-one makeup lesson, what would you suggest?

Valerie: That’s easy! I would recommend greys, bronzes, peaches and blues for your eye shadow colors. For your cheeks, I would offer peaches and pinks and a bit of bronzer. For your lips, go with reds, pinks and corals.

Olive: Whew! Thank you for being so diplomatic and easy. I love pink and red. Any parting words before I let you go?

Valerie: I strive to make the world a pretty place — one face at a time. I love what I do. I love where I am, and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Valerie Star is a jane of all trades: makeup artistry, SFX makeup, hair styling, fashion/wardrobe/prop-set styling and makeup training. She works her craft in print, film, video, multi-media, fashion, editorial, runway and headshots. Valerie began her career in 1995 as a regional makeup artist with a renowned cosmetic line. A versatile artist with a unique style and an eye for color, Valerie creates fresh, beautiful, flawless looks, ranging from clean and minimal to avant-garde.