New York Fashion Week

This September’s New York Fashion Week was all glitz and glamour filled with talent getting their red carpet glam on, to all of the marvelous beauty and fashion back stage.

Check out just a few of the fun guests that came to visit during New York Fashion Week. Throughout the fashion filled week at Caravan we were lucky to have some great brand partners come aboard for the fashion festivities.

We had our very own My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream dispensary fill to the brim with awesome flavors like Salted Caramel, Green Tea, Mango & Strawberry. If you haven’t tried a My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream you need to put it on your to-do list because its fantasticlly delicious.  This was a huge hit with everyone and such a fun sweet treat for the guests to enjoy.with it’s sweet mochi exterior, with a velvety ice cream interior.
With the non-stop go go go of fashion week we found the perfect solution to help keep everyone engerized with Eat Your Coffee bars. Originally founded by coffee-deprived college students, Eat Your Coffee is on a mission to help people get energized and get more done with naturally-caffeinated snacks made with real, ethically-sourced ingredients. Every Eat Your Coffee Bar is caffeinated with a full cup of Fair Trade coffee and made with real foods so you can feel good with every energizing bite.We are super stoked to have Headspace at the studio, since it was a perfect fit for the madness of fashion week. Learn the essentials of meditation and mindfulness with Headspace. No matter how much time you have available Headspace has it all from quick one minute meditation, to deep and meaningful meditations that help with everything like stress to improving your sleep. To top off the great goodies that we have at the studio we have tasty refreshments from LifeWay Kefir ELIXIRS that are spellbindingly delisious and the best part is that they are actually good for you filled with probiotics. Last but not least keeping it on the healthy side with Good Day Chocolate for your chocolate with benefits. You never have to feel bad about snacking on some chocolate when the chocolate is good for you.

Back Stage at the Angelia Simmons Fashion Show at Style360.

Now if this wasn’t enough to keep us busy, the studio was also home for some “Behind The Scenes” fashion show prep with designer Angela Simmons and her collection Bonnie Bouche by Angela Simmons. We had a plethora of stunning runway models hanging out for their fittings making sure every detail was perfect for the runway. Plus the runway show at Style360NYFW was fantastic and all the models looked stunning.

Yeohlee Fashion Show

When it comes to fashion shows during New York Fashion Week it is always an honor to work with the designer Yeohlee in the creation for her runway hair and makeup look for her models. This years look was one of my favorites leaning more towards the avant-garde. The models look was a beautiful complexion showing off the models naturally radiant skin. We started off by applying a Patchology Eye Mask and Lip Mask followed by the Patchology Gel Moisturizer on each model. This gave the models that lovely glowing skin on the runway. Freckles were an added subtle detail to the models makeup look. The MustaeV Studio Multi Use Pencil was perfect when creating natural looking freckles since the one pencil has two sides one in black and one in brown.

Lips were a nude shade one that mimicked each models natural lip tone. We couldn’t have created such a perfect nude lip shade for each and every model without the MustaeV Lip Palette. This is a go-to since it’s all about customizing you Lipstick. It looked amazing on each model with its sheer, semi-glossy texture.

Last but far from least the “pièce de résistance” was the brush stroke of deep red across each of the models eyebrows. One of the most important elements when applying any makeup is having to right tools. Thankfully MustaeV has a massive array of top of the line MustaeV makeup brushes. These high quality makeup brushes are the kind of brushes that would easily last a lifetime. And with so many different ones to pick from it was easy to create the perfect looking painted brush stroke to the models brows.

It was exciting to see the amount of press coverage that this runway show received, gracing the pages of Vogue


The Cut

And Livingly shows off some of the BTS backstage during the creation of the makeup and hair for the models. I love working with talented makeup artists and Shoko Sawatari has been my go to artist for backstage and more.