Megan & Liz get their beauty on before they rock the YouTube Music Video Awards

2013 YouTube Music AwardsIt was super fun having Megan & Liz in to Caravan to get all glamourized for the YouTube Video Music Awards. These cool singing sisters  are both songwriters and Megan is their guitarist for their band. These girls took YouTube by storm reaching record hits to their posts. Megan and Liz post a cover or original song every week or two keeping the fans coming back for more. In April of 2013, Megan and Liz partnered up with Macy’s and American Rag to venture cross-country on tour.tumblr_mvpo0i6qmX1r0jrqpo1_400

When it came to the beauty side of glamming Megan and Liz all the hair products used were by Salon Grafixthe hot tools were by Babyliss Pro, nails by Zoya Nail Polishskincare by DDF, makeup by POP Beauty, shimmering skin by Fake Bake 

tumblr_mvpnr85kUq1r0jrqpo1_400Megan & Liz are wearing fantastic outfits by Theia, jewelry and clutches  by Kira Kira.

How we got the looks..

First for Megan’s hair we started off by going to staple product ReStyler. Giving the hair a healthy spritz to all of the hair and then going through the hair with a large toothed comb to get out any big tangles. Starting from the nape of the neck and moving section by section upwards giving the hair a spray of Shaping Hairspray. Now the hair was ready for the curls, using a one inch curling iron and starting from the nape of the neck and working upward curling all the hair. After all the hair was curled another light layer of Shaping Hairspray was applied and the hair was left to set while we went onto makeup.

Once the hair had time to set the hair was tousled gently by hand. Finding the natural side where the hair parted we went with the smaller side of the hair and started to do a Fishtail French Braid. Once the braid reached just behind the ear the braid was slightly contoured to shape downward. Keeping the braid low and around the nape of the neck. When the other lower side was reached by the braid the French part to the braid was done. Now it was just freely braiding that remaining portion of hair till there wasn’t any more braiding possible. Taking a few hair pins and put them into the braid,  weaving it into the loose hair to seamlessly integrate the loose and braided hair together. Another dose of Shaping Hairspray was applied to the entire hairstyle to finish off the look.

We just loved the hairstyle we did with Liz. To get this look we started off with ReStyler applied liberally to the hair and with a large toothed comb we made sure that the hair was free of knots. With a decent amount of Shaping Hairspray we covered her hair with a mist before going onto the curling wand.
Starting from the lower portions of the hair near the nape of the neck taking just under a one inch segments and warping them around the curling wand. Moving upwards till the entire head of hair is covered in fantastic beach curls. We love using the curling wand because it gives the hair a very natural wave/curls. Once the hair was all curled another spray of Shaping Hairspray was applied to all the curls and the hair was left to sit while we went on to makeup.
Now that the hair has had enough time to set and cool we went onto styling it. Taking the hair into two sections the top and the lower sections. The top portion of hair was separated about half of an inch above the ear and directly across reaching the other ear. This portion of hair was tied back with a clip while the lower section was pulled into a clean tight ponytail placing it at the very top of the lower section. Now letting loose the top portion of hair and being very gentle with the curls start gathering the top hair and pinning it into the back section.  Using the lower ponytail to incorporate it into the loose portion of hair from the top. Now that the bulk of that hair had been pinned to create a great deconstructed bun you only have to tweak the hair that frames the face. Keeping the sides of the hair a bit taunt while allowing the top to freely shape in a backward angle You want to make sure that you allow the individual curls to show in the top keeping the hair a bit chunky and in pieces.
Once you are in love with your fantastic new deconstructed bun use a little bit of High Gloss. Hairspray to set the look and add shine.

Check out just one of many fun music videos that Megan & Liz have done on YouTube.