Jackie Cruz attends Heidi Klum’s Halloween Party

Heidi Klum’s Halloween Party was in full effect and it was great to have the chance to spook out Jackie Cruz and Fernando prior to them heading out the Halloween bash of the year.

We started off with Jackie and her inspiration was Victorian Goth and for this look we wanted crazy big hair and pale skin with dark eyes.

On both looks we used Salon Grafix for the hair products and Babyliss Pro for the hot tools.

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 11.51.02 AM

To create this look we started off by prepping the hair with Salon Grafix ReStyler and a very liberal dose of Shaping Hairspray. We then went in with a few different hot tools doing one layer of small curls with a thin curling iron and the next layer was done with a deep wave crimper alternating every other layer. Always making sure to give a good spray of Shaping Hairspray to each section of hair. Once the hair was curled it was left to sit while we went on to makeup. Once the hair was set we went on to each section to back-comb it, We gave each piece a spray of Freezing Hairspray before started to backcomb it. This makes the look everlasting. When the hair was huge, we gathered it loosely and pined the hair to create a round shape. Making sure not to be too precise with any of the hair. When it was crazy perfect a good spray of Freezing Hairspray was given to all the hair to hold all night and longer.

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 11.52.39 AM

For makeup on Jackie we started by mixing a cream foundation that was about 3 shades lighter than her skin and a cream with stark white together and applying it to the entire face. Making sure to blend the lightness out when reaching the neck and down. This was it seamlessly blends her natural color and the lightness of the costume makeup together. Once that was done it was time for the black and starting with the eyes and applying black eyeshadow to the entire lid and blending up just above the crease of the lid. The water line on the top and bottom of the eye were lined with a black pencil. The eyebrows were accented with a black pencil. We then took some black shadow and with an eyeshadow brush applied a little to the cheekbone and the temples. In the mouth we went in with an aqua paint in white and formed the teeth around the lip area. Directly on top of the lips and with the black aqua paint outlined the white teeth to define them. To really go the extra mile we went with some crazy lashes to give the look that little something extra.


For Fernando we wanted to give him slicked back white hair and the best thing to make this happen was High Beams in White. We first sprayed the hair with a major amount of Spray Gel first and combed the hair back to get the shape we wanted. Once the hair was going in the direction we wanted it was time for the fun White spray. All we had to do was shake the can and spray away till all the hair was covered.

For Fernando’s makeup we mixed a cream foundation 3 shades lighter and a white cream together and applied it all over his face. The white color was brought all the way down his chest fading into his natural flesh tone. For the mouth we went in with a aqua paint in white and formed the teeth around the lip area. Directly on top of the lips and with the black aqua paint outlined the white teeth to define them. On the eyes a black eyeshadow was applied to the entire eye socket area.Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 11.53.16 AM