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Fishtail Braid

If it’s a rainy day, bad hair day, a boiling hot kind of day, this side fishtail braid is perfect!  You still maintain a fashionable look while getting your hair up and out of the way.

Start off by quickly working a flat iron over the ends of your hair.  This helps to take down any frizz and it gives a unified finish to the ends of the hair on the braid.

Use a small amount of mousse, starting the application at the nape of the neck and around the hairline.  Work a pea size amount of texture cream throughout the rest of the hair.  This will help to eliminate fly-aways and give your braid longer durability in addition to adding extra volume and give great texture.

Now, with a large-toothed comb, start to gather the hair to one side.  Create a natural part to the front section of hair (at the top of your head).  You want to make sure the part isn’t perfect.  A good way to gauge where the part should be is along the same line as the arch of your eyebrow.

If you have bangs, a loose and natural side bang is good with this look.  If you don’t have bangs, I suggest still taking the section of hair that your bangs would be and create a lovely swoop.  To do this, take that section of hair combing it forward and just below the eyebrow, and after you swooped it toward the eyebrow, angle the lower section back towards the area that will be braided.  You may need to do a little back combing to this section to hold it in the right direction and place.

Now it’s time to start the braid.  Gather the hair to the opposite side that the part is on and keeping it below the ear.  You want it low near the nape of the neck.Split the hair into two even sections.  Take a small section of hair from the outer side of one of the sections of hair.  With that small piece take it and flip it over the part of hair it was just take from and incorporate into the opposite section of hair.

Now, from the other section, take the same size of hair from the outer side of that section and flipping it over the portion of hair incorporate it into the opposite section.  Continue doing this all the way down.  Always pulling your two sections tight, you can go back when you are done and loosen the braid to give it a more organic feel.

Now you have an amazing fishtail braid to0!

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