The HighLine Fashion Show

Caravan Stylist Studio and Friends of the HighLine teamed up for the first ever open to the public fashion show.  The theme of the show was “back to school” for high school and college students.  This wasn’t just a fashion show it was so much more. This show was amazing and it was an honor to be head of hair and makeup for this event.

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The Friends of the High Line and 13 local teens curated the fashion show, with production assistance and artistic direction from Caravan Stylist Studio and Harlem’s Fashion Row.


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For the Highline fashion show we decided on two different hairstyles. The first style was down with full volume and large waves. This was easy to create using Salon Grafix products and Babyliss Pro hot tools. We started by prepping the hair with ReStyler this helps to protect the hair from hot styling, it takes down any frizz and refreshes the hair all in one. After the ReStyler we applied a small amount of Mousse to all of the hair really working that into the hair. Now we were ready to create the large curls. We used a mix between Babyliss MiraCurl and ConiCurl depending on the models type of hair.  After each curl was done a light spray of Shaping Hairspray was applied. After all the hair was curled and had time to set we then tousled the hair lightly to break up the defined curls. To add that extra lift and volume we separated the hair in the back just below the crown level to the ears. With this sectioned hair a small spray of Freezing Hairspray was applied to the roots and the hair was back combed close to the roots. Flipping that section over and moving about an inch up and repeating till you are one inch away from the very top of the head. Gently flip the back combed section down and very gently comb out any visible back combed hair. Once you have the amount of volume and the outer layer of hair is frizz free. Once you have created the perfect style, give the hair a health dose of High Gloss Hairspray.


For the second hair style we went with a messy top bun. This style is quick and easy we started by applying a healthy amount of Salon Grafix Mousse to the roots of the hair and lightly applying the Mousse to the lower sections of hair keeping it in pieces and chunky sections. Once the hair product dried the hair was gathered up to the position on the top of the head. The hair was secured to the top of the head in a ponytail with a hair tie. With the loose hair from the ponytail randomly take sections and haphazardly bobby pin them around in a bun formation. Leaving the sections of hair slightly deconstructed and keeping it fun. Once you have the bun the way you like it take a bit of Freezing HairSpray and lighting spray it over the bun and your look is complete.




_DSC5810For the models makeup look we used POP makeup. The eyes were done in natural tones of pinks and champagne shades of eyeshadow with their new eyeshadow pallet. A black liquid liner was used to line the upper lids lash line and to add that extra bit of flair a slight winged cat eye was done to the outer corner of the liner. Cheeks were a sun kissed bronze and lips were a beautiful oxblood.


Over the last two months Caravan Stylist Studio hosted a number of workshops for the 13 teens. These workshops were designed for the teens to really feel a part of what it takes to make a fashion show. They spent time in the studio with “Project Runway” contestant Kim Goldson, fashion stylists from The workshops ranged from the model casting to wardrobe selection and the backstage production side of things on the day of the fashion show. Giving the teens a true behind the scenes access to see the professional hair stylists from Salon Grafix & Babyliss Pro and makeup artists from POP Cosmetics creating the latest looks for fall.

The teens learned the ropes at well-known labels like Synderela, TABii Just, LaQuan Smith, Junk Food Clothing, Huminska , Boy Meets Girl. ,  HSN, Michelle Vale



The range of press that was covered for this event was fantastic and spanned the map from New York 1 with Stephanie Simon,  Stephanie did a great review on the event. Time Out New York Kids, Guest of a Guest,  New York Observer, Fashion Times, New York Family, Tabs on Fashion, San Francisco ChronicleThe HighLine OrgPeach Provocateur and more.  A great selfe video 





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Images by King