Frances Harris | AdultNapper DJ Shoot

Granted, an intense punk rock kid from Vegas, into philosophy and Thomas Pynchon novels, isn’t the most likely candidate to become a club DJ, no less one of the leading American talents in the global electronic music underground, but that is the story of Francis Harris who headlines Paradizo on Saturday 18th. Francis is known to be steadfast, thoughtful and purposeful: an uncompromising artist, who takes his art seriously, even if it is “just” dance music. Over his career, that attitude and a fair bit of talent, have earned him sustained critical notice and a loyal worldwide following. The scene’s aficionados have long favored the dark yet moving, introspective excursions he delivers as Adultnapper for respected dance music labels like Poker Flat, Mule Electronic, Simple and his own boutique imprint, Ransom Note. When teamed with Mr. C of The Shamen as Sycophant Slags, a mischievous streak behind the foreboding Adultnapper persona emerges, evidenced in a string of punchy dance anthems the duo have released. While his latest alter ego is Frank & Tony – his and Scissor and Thread co-owner, Anthony Collins’ brainchild – that explores the sexier side of house, focusing on deep, slow and melodic tracks featuring various vocalists from their labels roster.

Francis forged new creative partnerships and rekindled a long dormant interest in songwriting, live instrumentation and performance, leading, in 2011, to the launch of Scissor and Thread