Fashion 360 Magazine Gets Halloween Glam

It was super fun having Myriam Chung from Fashion 360 Magazine come to visit for some fun Halloween inspired nails and makeup. See the whole article HERE logo Caravan-Studio-Shot--1024x338

Caravan Studio, located at the Carlton Hotel in New York City, is a truly unique space dedicated to celebrities and key influence men and women in the fashion industry. Owner Claudine DeSola founded Caravan under the motto, “Talent Helping Talent.” Over the years, she partnered with various fashion and beauty brands to sponsor clothing, accessories and beauty products for Caravan’s high profile clients. Valerie Star, a beauty expert with over19 years of experienced, joined Caravan, to provide top quality beauty services to its clients, including hair styling, makeup application, skincare, and nail design.

Hundreds of actors and actresses, musicians and bloggers have visited the Caravan Studio, to get the picture perfect look for red carpet premieres, photo shoots, and appearances. Caravan’s recent celebrity clients include Jessica Pimentel from Orange is the New Black, Bianca Santos from Happy Land and Laura Vandervoort from Bitten, just to name a few.

“We work with over 100 designers,” said Valerie Star, as she introduced me to the studio. Caravan collaborates with substantiated and well-known designers as well as new and emerging designers.Celebrities get to wear new designs that no one else has worn before, while the designers get the opportunity to get their names out there. The same concept goes for beauty products. “We try to work with brands that we really believe in and that we really like,” said Valerie, “I need to love the product to be able to put it on some else.”

Currently, the studio features products from Kryolan for makeup, Sexy Hair for hair, Zoya for nails, Simple for skincare and Ikonic for hot tools. “I have been working with Kryolan for over 15 years. It is such an amazing brand. It brings better quality, higher pigmentation and great HD qualities compared to other products,” said Valerie.

Zoya is unique in that it uses natural ingredients for its products. There are no parabens or formaldehyde, which means they are safe for pregnant women and children. “Zoya has great wear ability and it stays on for a long time,” said Valerie.

The Look

fashion 360Since it is the month of October, fashion 360Valerie suggested Halloween inspired makeup and nails. “We are going to Blood Splatter nails today,” said Valerie,“it is really simple and anyone can do it at home.”First, Valerie used a base-coat by Zoya called Ridge Filler. It is a crème colored base- coat, designed to even out irregular textures of the nail. “It has a milky hue, so any color you put on top of it pops a little more,” said Valerie. Next, she used a flesh-color polish called Jacqueline as the base color. Then, using a straw, she blew on a blood polish called Livingstone to make its platter all over the nail.

As for the face, Valerie first prepped the skin using Simple wipes, to “take off the day, in a sense”. She then moisturized and hydrated the skin using the wipes. “You want to always do this before you put the makeup on. It will give you more coverage and longer and more even wear,”. She then started with the eyes, a new take on a cat eye, so instead of the normal winged black eyeliner concept of a cat eye, she used eye shadows to blend it outward in the shape of a cat eye. She then hand painted a leopard print on top of the eye shadow, to get the perfect cat eye look.

The main products used were Kryolan’s Mexico City, and Sunrise, and Berlin for the main eyeshadow palette, and the HD Skin liner in Number 10 for the leopard print. For the skin, she first evened out the complexion using the HD skin primer, and then applied highlighting and contouring using the Concealer Circle, Micro HD foundation, and Micro Loose Powder, all Kryolan products.