Cosmopolitan Latina Loves My “Summer Vintage Rose Nails”

I had the lovely Ariel from Cosmopolitan Latina in for some fantastically fun “Summer Vintage Rose Nails”. If you ever wanted to know the HOW TO on these fun nails, well look no further because Cosmo gives you everything you need to know in this article. This awesome nail are was done using my favorite brand ZOYA.

Check it out at COSMOPOLITAN.

cosmopolitan vintage-rose-nails-mdn

I looovvvee nail art. There’s something about a perfectly polished mani that just makes me feel fab. I met up with stylist, manicurist and makeup artist Valerie Star at Caravan Stylist Studio last week, and she gave me the flyest vintage rose manicure ever! People complimented my nails everywhere I went! Here’s how to get the perfect summer look.

You will need
Piece of tinfoil
Dotting tool or a toothpick with one blunt end and one sharp end
Small fine-haired nail brush

Apply a base coat. Allow to fully dry, then apply two coats of your favorite base color. I went for a hot pink. We love Zoya Nail Polish in Yana, $8. Allow nails to fully dry.

For the flowers:
Tip: start off with white, because it makes the colors pop more, especially neons. Make a few drops of the white onto the piece of tinfoil. Dip your dotting tool into the white polish and create three small circles on the edges of your nails.

Once you have done all your nails with the white circles, take your first color of choice (we used a yellow polish, like OPI The It Color, $8) and drip a few generous drops onto your pallet. With the same dotting tool, dip it into the yellow and apply directly over the white.

Drop a few drops of a slightly darker color (we used a dark orange, like Essie’s Orange, it’s Obvious, $8) on your the tinfoil. Using your fine shorthaired nailbrush, lightly dip it into the orange. Paint three small comma shapes onto the yellow keeping them around the edges and slightly swooping into the center. You can choose to do all the flowers the same colors on each nail or mix it up.

To bring a bit of a real feel to the flowers, paint some leaves. Drop some of the dark green on your pallet and with your small brush lightly dip into the green and paint two leaves on some of the flowers. Start with the brush closest to the flower and with light outward sweeping motions, paint the leaves. No need to give every flower leaves—you can just pick random ones for every finger. To give the leaves depth, use the sharp end of the toothpick and draw a line through the middle of each leaf. Give your nails 3-5 minutes to dry and apply a top clear coat.

Try it out, and tweet us a pic to @CosmoForLatinas!