Confessions of a Nail Addict “Cosmo”

The Cosmos have been hitting the world of fashion left and right. To keep you on the pulse of what’s hot try Cosmo nails. I used all Zoya Nail Polish to get my Cosmo nails.

Cosmo Nails

You are going to need

Black polish

White polish

Yellow polish

Orange/coral polish

Blue polish

Gold leafing or gold-flecked polish

Makeup sponge

Paint pallet


Polish remover

Cosmo NailsFirst you are going to paint your nails with the black polish. Let this dry for about ten minutes. Once its dry take the makeup sponge and rip it into sections. Its best to rip the sponge, you want that uneven texture to the sponge for applying the colors.

Cosmo NailsSecond paint on a corner of the ripped sponge the white and starting in one corner of the nail lightly dab the white on the nail and continue lightly dabbing the white in a slanted shape. Keep the density of the white on only one corner and soften the white while continuing down the nail in a slant.

(I change up the direction of each white)

Cosmo NailsThird paint another corner of the sponge in yellow. Keep the yellow on top and around the white area. Covering almost all of the white with the yellow. You can dab a little bit of the yellow into the black area too.

Cosmo NailsForth paint a corner of the sponge in the orange/coral color. Keep this color to the lower portion of the area. Right below the yellow start the orange and go down with it.

Cosmo NailsFifth use a thin smaller piece of sponge and paint the blue polish on. Dab this just around the outer areas of the painting. This is done sparingly and only to the outside of the colors keeping the outermost edges in black.

Once you are done with this I let the nail dry all the way and with a toothpick spot on clear polish and lay a sheet of gold leafing on the nail. Let this dry and using a dry brush dust away the extra leafing.

Cosmo NailsIf you don’t have leafing you can you a gold leaf nail polish or gold glitter nail polish. This is a little less precise but still gets the job done.

– Now put a top coat on and you are ready to go